ProgrammedMe : Python Teaching Aid for Kids Part 1 - Using Panda3D to Create Working POC


From this starting Panda Tutorial, we can create a great Python teaching aid for the kids!

Figure 1 - From this Panda Tutorial, we can create an attractive Python teaching aid for the kids

To be honest, I failed in my first CoderDojo opening. Sigh.. that's the sad truth.

Yeah, the kids got excited about seeing that they can calculate area of triangle and print the result. Yeiy! But.. what's next? I kinda feeling dumb trying to explain those marvelous Python concept using just a plain black BASH console. I know I really love console (or DOS Prompt to be exact). But as I remember it, at that time of my early introduction to computer programming (circa '95) , there are not much left to explore other than console application. Thinking it further,  it's not the console actually that get me excited. But its the game! I love programming because I love seeing I can programmed .. Digger using QuickBasic.


Python: A Perfect Teaching Aid for Youngster in CoderDojo Indonesia

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Part of my life mission is to teach others what I am good at. This include capoeira and coding. While the first thing is not suited to this blog, but the later is. And to try spreading coding as a cool hobby, I targeted youngsters/children around my neighbourhood. For this, I highly motivated by CoderDojo movement, with a core and simple principle : "teach youngsters/children to code with fun and free". No charge whatsoever. 


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