Breaking Post! Utilizing Python Server in a C#.NET Application

Integration is the key
I always enthusiast about integration between different programming language and technology

Breaking Post? Yeah, the same like it is in Breaking News : an interesting event occur during main events... Laughing

While I work on series of articles that talk about developing Flask application on Openshift, I also in the middle of developing a C#.NET Point of Sales application for a Malaysia based company. In the process of coding its admin dashboard, I feel like wanting to use a web view for it. Traditionally, a GUI Desktop application developer like me will just drag and drop GUI element on a dashboard and then code its interaction. But as I about to doing it, an idea flashes my mind : why don't I use Bootstrap + Python for this part? I can leverage Bootstrap cool element design by simply reusing its plethora of example laying around in the web and have access to Python power to serve the dynamic content of the web. The idea seems promising...



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