Part 2: Reviving Microsoft Agent using PyWin32 - Run the Agent Hourly

Now the agent can run in specified time interval

Now the agent can run in a specified time interval

If you inspect closely our last article, you will realize that the Agent although having the ability to speak the time when you need it, it still unable to speak the time in specified interval, say, hourly. In this part of the article we are going to inspect whether we can easily add that ability.

Let's find out!


Part 1: Reviving Microsoft Agent using PyWin32 - How to Make It Live!


I just found an MS Agent characters I haven't seen before, and though to share how to control them from within Python

I just found an MS Agent characters I haven't seen before, and though to share how to control them from within Python

I think this article was driven by the fact that this April, Microsoft discontinued Windows XP. And why is that related? Because if you remember Windows XP, somehow I think you will remember --maybe in annoyance-- this cute little dog called Rover from Windows XP Find Files bar:

Howdy, Rover?

Howdy, Rover? Not even you, now your master was also dead. So sad.. Frown

Long story short, Microsoft did not gain success with this MS Agent stuff. Without even realizing it, one of the first thing I do when re-installing Windows XP is ... get rid of Rover from Windows Explorer! And yeah, unfortunately, I am not the only one.

But still, in this article we are going to use it as a study case on how to properly use PyWin32, an amazing Python package from Mark Hammond, that let your Python application integrate tightly with Windows. For example, do you know that Dropbox client application was built with Python? Laughing

Great, lets dig more on this matter!


PyCocos2D-x : How to Properly Setup Boost.Python in Your Visual C++ 2012 Project


Welcome to the First Series of Tutorial on PyCocos2d-x Development

Welcome to the First Series of Tutorial on PyCocos2d-x Development!

Okay, for a quick background, you may skim on my previous article : How to Choose The Best Python 2D Game Engine?. I pointed out, "Although currently I am working with the Cocos2D python version, I am flirting Cocos2d-x due to its wider target platform". And my experience on working with Cocos2D Python was really impressive, but sadly .. it didn't satisfy my requirement. I need to develop an isometric game engine for my current Python teaching aid for kids, ProgrammedMe. And the current Cocos2D didn't support isometric map type that I longed for. I have tried to implement it actually, but as the forum itself is not that active (or may I say rather freeze?), I don't think I want to pursue my exploration in the Cocos2d Python field. Another reason is also about Cocos2D that only targeting desktop platform, which is a deal breaker for me (would love to develop for Android/iOS!). So, a natural direction would be to explore Cocos2D-x and try my best to implement a Python binding for it. Once it's settled, I can start developing ProgrammedMe using the aforementioned binding, named PyCocos2d-x


Breaking Post! Configure VirtualBox to Allow Host OS Connecting to Python Server in Guest OS



Let's retrospect a little about the nature of our beloved Python language : a cross platform language.

This mean you can use Python to develop your application easily whether you're using Linux, Windows, OSX, FreeBSD etc. Although my next statement is debatable, but I strongly believe that developing a program using programming language in its original habitat is somewhat less error prone than if you try developing it in another environment that's not its original habitat.


Breaking Post! Utilizing Python Server in a C#.NET Application

Integration is the key
I always enthusiast about integration between different programming language and technology

Breaking Post? Yeah, the same like it is in Breaking News : an interesting event occur during main events... Laughing

While I work on series of articles that talk about developing Flask application on Openshift, I also in the middle of developing a C#.NET Point of Sales application for a Malaysia based company. In the process of coding its admin dashboard, I feel like wanting to use a web view for it. Traditionally, a GUI Desktop application developer like me will just drag and drop GUI element on a dashboard and then code its interaction. But as I about to doing it, an idea flashes my mind : why don't I use Bootstrap + Python for this part? I can leverage Bootstrap cool element design by simply reusing its plethora of example laying around in the web and have access to Python power to serve the dynamic content of the web. The idea seems promising...



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