Starting to Use Kivy : Developing "Letter of Heroes", An Android Alphabet Teaching Aid for Kids Part 2 of 2


"Letter of Heroes" in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Showing Captain America when you pressed the letter "K" (because we read it as Kapten Amerika in Indonesia tongue)

Previously we already have a nice installation of Kivy whether it sit in our development machine or within a pre-configured Linux Ubuntu Quantal VirtualBox machine pre-built with Python for Android environment, to ease the process of packaging Kivy into Android APK. After playing around with Kivy examples code, I found that Python programmers would not have any difficulty in doing mobile application Android development. "Why?", well, because, it simply Python! It just get runs on Android using Python for Android. The core of the problem may lies in the Android integration part of Kivy : e.g. accessing camera, using GPS, Accelerometer, etc. But thanks to Pyjnius, that issues seems to simply fade away. Sure more work must be done before a unifying API for both iOS/Android can be achieved, but from what I see from Kivy progress in the recent years, it looks very good! As for iOS implementation itself, Kivy have Pyobjus that making it easier to access iOS API. Things are pretty interesting there... Smile

In this article we are going to develop our own Python application using Kivy and deploy it in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 device.  Lets have a look!


Starting to Use Kivy : Developing "Letter of Heroes", An Android Alphabet Teaching Aid Application for Kids - Part 1 of 2

Lets turn these heroes into an .. Alphabet Teaching Aid for Kids!

Lets turn these fictional superheroes into ... kids teaching aid! Laughing

As with any boys, my 3 years son is very fond of any fictional Superhero characters : whether it's coming from Marvel or DC universe (or else for that matter). Actually, I highly responsible for this : I intentionally introduce them to it by watching superhero movies every Saturday night. He loves all of them!   

After he already love them, now is the perfect time to use that love, in encouraging him learning how to read. In this article, I am going to guide you on developing a teaching aid for kids in learning alphabet using Kivy. Let see how well Kivy can support us in obtaining our goal!


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Let's retrospect a little about the nature of our beloved Python language : a cross platform language.

This mean you can use Python to develop your application easily whether you're using Linux, Windows, OSX, FreeBSD etc. Although my next statement is debatable, but I strongly believe that developing a program using programming language in its original habitat is somewhat less error prone than if you try developing it in another environment that's not its original habitat.


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