Starting to Use Kivy : Developing "Letter of Heroes", An Android Alphabet Teaching Aid Application for Kids - Part 1 of 2

Lets turn these heroes into an .. Alphabet Teaching Aid for Kids!

Lets turn these fictional superheroes into ... kids teaching aid! Laughing

As with any boys, my 3 years son is very fond of any fictional Superhero characters : whether it's coming from Marvel or DC universe (or else for that matter). Actually, I highly responsible for this : I intentionally introduce them to it by watching superhero movies every Saturday night. He loves all of them!   

After he already love them, now is the perfect time to use that love, in encouraging him learning how to read. In this article, I am going to guide you on developing a teaching aid for kids in learning alphabet using Kivy. Let see how well Kivy can support us in obtaining our goal!


Exploring Python Prospective Technology to Encourage Children in Loving Computer Programming

This is a television serial aired in 1995 in my country, that drive me mad toward computer programming!

Whiz Kids is a serial television show aired in 1995 in my country, that drive me mad toward computer programming!

This is a retrospective article of why I love programming so much, with the goal in mind of how can I transfer such a deep love (not an exaggeration here!) of computer programming especially to my children, but can also be applied to any parents who would like to do the same to theirs.

But, before going deep on the technology stuff, one important thing must be adhere first : our kids have their own destiny. They will learn and develop their own passion toward things that may be alien to us. Forcing them to love something that we love is not only bad, but it can create such a destructive effect. The art in parenting is, if you love something and would like your kids to love the same thing, you'll have to do it smoothly, silky and in such a way that, they will embrace it happily at their own pace without being forced to. If eventually your kids don't show likeness toward that things, well, what can we say? Nothing. We can simply conclude that it's not in their life path ... Wink


ProgrammedMe : Python Teaching Aid for Kids Part 1 - Using Panda3D to Create Working POC


From this starting Panda Tutorial, we can create a great Python teaching aid for the kids!

Figure 1 - From this Panda Tutorial, we can create an attractive Python teaching aid for the kids

To be honest, I failed in my first CoderDojo opening. Sigh.. that's the sad truth.

Yeah, the kids got excited about seeing that they can calculate area of triangle and print the result. Yeiy! But.. what's next? I kinda feeling dumb trying to explain those marvelous Python concept using just a plain black BASH console. I know I really love console (or DOS Prompt to be exact). But as I remember it, at that time of my early introduction to computer programming (circa '95) , there are not much left to explore other than console application. Thinking it further,  it's not the console actually that get me excited. But its the game! I love programming because I love seeing I can programmed .. Digger using QuickBasic.


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