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Latest Indonesia Job completion trend in oDesk

Latest Indonesia Job completion trend in oDesk oConomy page


A very common question for newcomer when entering IT software development industry is, "Which programming language should I learn, or focus on?". Most of the time, if not all, you will get answer resemblance to, "Depend on what application you would like to built". It's true. First, you got to decide what area of software development that you really have the passion on. Or, what kind of a application that you like to build : Game? e-Commerce? Education? You can have a look at software categorization listed in Wikipedia for this. For example, once you know that you have the passion to develop your own video game, the next logical step is to do some research in what programming language does your game can be programmed with, or to be exact , what library/framework you have to use?

Answering the last question may seems rather difficult.  Why? Simply because it's a moving target. An answer for this question last year, may become obsolete in these recent days. This is the nature of software industry itself : fast paced with sometimes unpredictable momentum in the near future that will change the fate of a technology mercilessly. You simply can not bet for specific technology/platform to exist forever. You got to prepare for the worst.



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