Pythonthusiast Redesigned: New Logo and Bootstrap UI

I never forget the enthusiasm thrilling I get, when reading "Tuntunan Praktis Pemrograman C++ by Tjendry Heriyanto" book with reading position depicted in the above image. It was the most thrilling experience I had, back in my intermediate school in 1997. Yeah, the good 'ol day


Actually, I started this week by creating an article about what makes programming in Python different through the eye of a Java programmer. But as I browse through the content of this site, I realize that this site still lack of a better way of navigating the site. It still is a LifeType blog. And the truth is, I never like the default navigation experience brought by a blog: the usual orderly post layout, category/tag list, calendar with count of published article and so on. So, I took the courage to do thing that I am most frightened of: designing a web. Yeah, I never assess myself as a great web designer. It always suck my brain out!

But thanks to Bootstrap (mostly its 12-grids system), the process is much more easier than I previously imagined. With plenty of resources there available in the internet, finally I can come up with a web design that is not as pathetic as I think I will come up with. And thought to share it, as I know designing is an entirely different beast than coding.

Let's have a look!

PS: Foreword warning, please be aware that there will be some PHP/Smarty tags scattered in this article


Site News : Introducing Pythonthusiast's Dropbox Public Folder

Public Folder for Pythonthusiast's Tutorial Source Code. Get it here!

Public Folder for Pythonthusiast's Tutorial Source Code. Get it here!

This is maybe a late action I take regarding an appropriate way to share public artifacts of tutorial series in this blog. Surely you can follow Pythonthusiast's public Github repository, but you can also directly download its zipped source code at certain tutorial step. Previously, I simply throw them in my Bio application static folder, git add/commit/push to made them available online and then use their static link in my articles. It's a quick (and dirty) way, but certainly not the best way there is. For example, once I would love to finish my Flask Bio Application (I still have two/three more articles left), I got serious issue on trying to git clone it to my other working station : I have to download all that zipped source code too!. And I start to think, "Why oh why I don't use DropBox for this?".

And there you go : a nice public folder for all Pythonthusiast's tutorial series artifacts.

Stay tuned!



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