Pythonthusiast Redesigned: New Logo and Bootstrap UI

I never forget the enthusiasm thrilling I get, when reading "Tuntunan Praktis Pemrograman C++ by Tjendry Heriyanto" book with reading position depicted in the above image. It was the most thrilling experience I had, back in my intermediate school in 1997. Yeah, the good 'ol day


Actually, I started this week by creating an article about what makes programming in Python different through the eye of a Java programmer. But as I browse through the content of this site, I realize that this site still lack of a better way of navigating the site. It still is a LifeType blog. And the truth is, I never like the default navigation experience brought by a blog: the usual orderly post layout, category/tag list, calendar with count of published article and so on. So, I took the courage to do thing that I am most frightened of: designing a web. Yeah, I never assess myself as a great web designer. It always suck my brain out!

But thanks to Bootstrap (mostly its 12-grids system), the process is much more easier than I previously imagined. With plenty of resources there available in the internet, finally I can come up with a web design that is not as pathetic as I think I will come up with. And thought to share it, as I know designing is an entirely different beast than coding.

Let's have a look!

PS: Foreword warning, please be aware that there will be some PHP/Smarty tags scattered in this article


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